Best Fulldome Short Film at Jena

On Saturday 26th May Liminality was awarded a JANUS Award for the Best Fulldome Short Film at Jena Fulldome Festival in Germany. These are great news for the project after a year of hard work filming in Wales and India.



Student Award: “Urban”, by Nicolas Gebbe, HfG Offenbach
Student Award: “Surroundings”, by Barbara Rzádzka, Planetarium Wenus, Zielona Góra, Poland
Fulldome Short Film Award: “Liminality”, 4Pi Productions, Coreo Cymru, Danceworx, UK
Fulldome Audio Award: “Hybris”, Carmen Gil Vrolijk & Camilo Giraldo Angel. Universidad de los Andes / La Quinta del Lobo, Colombia
Innovative Production Technology Award: split between
“Brownian Motion”, Benjamin Vedrenne, France and “Skylark”, Jerem Oury, France
Jury Award: “Is Life a Simulation?”, Mohammad Jaradat, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
Astro Award: “Explore”, Creative Planet, Poland
Directors Award:
“Expedition Reef”, California Academy of Sciences, USA
“Star Maker”, Arcus Animation Studios, UK
“Dimensions – Once Upon Our Reality”, Rocco Helmchen, Johannes Kraas, Germany
“KYMA, Powers of Waves”, National Film Board of Canada in collab. With Montreal Space for Life’s Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium, Canada