Research trip to India

Welsh and Indian partners get together for the first time

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In early March we undertook a Research and Development trip to Goa and Delhi to research into potential filming locations and to meet with the project partner, The Danceworx.

The first week was spent in Goa, hiking up mountains, exploring deserted beaches, and abandoned forts and quarries. It provided the key creative team with an invaluable opportunity to gain a better understanding of India’s unique culture and the spaces which the dancers will be responding to. At the end of a very productive (and hot!) week we then travelled up to Delhi where choreographers Kim Noble and Hugh Stainer spent a week in the studio with the company dancers giving classes and working together on some 360º movement vocabulary. At the end of that period a 2 day audition was undertaken to select which two dancers would be coming to Wales in July to star centrally within the production.

In November we will be filming in India with the same cast and also involving 20 other dancers from the company to develop a VR experience that will be shot in Delhi.

The R&D trip was really collaborative and brought the producers, directors and choreographers together to discuss the main themes to explore within the film and how best capture the different dance sequences at each location.