Shooting in Delhi


The first two weeks of December we were shooting across Delhi with Kim Noble, Hugh Stanier, Manas Sharma and Kriti Rao. The dancers spent one week on the studio and also had some time to respond to the spaces where we were filming.
The production crew travelled across the city for the first week capturing timelapses of daily life activities, busy streets and traffic.

In week 3 we did our first Timeslice capture at the Danceworx studio in Gurgaon, where we had 28 cameras recording the same choreographic phrase performed by the four dancers. Thanks to the campaign we ran through kickstarter we managed to secure enough funds to explore this idea further in the hope of getting some innovative shots. We can not wait to see the results, even though post-processing is going to be time consuming and very monotonous. We will keep posting regular updates about the process and how we get to the final second of footage.